We are PACE, a team of experienced consultants offering cutting edge techniques for optimising your business’ performance, starting with its most important assets – the people. Our team is based primarily in the heart of the North West, and we believe that every business is made up of four key pillars of work:





Our goal is to provide support any or all of these stages to promote a positive change at all stages. We can work with the individuals in your team to promote a positive influence on your team or organisation as a whole, but we can also help to incorporate systems in your organisation that will benefit each individual in your team!

Our aim is to:

We challenge the stereotypical view of management consultancy by forging strong ‘organisational improvement’ partnerships and networks. We work with organisations and small businesses to build on their successes, plan for their future, and improve their overall performance.  At PACE, we ensure that you have access to all the consultancy support that you may need.

Read more about what we do or talk to us to find out how we could benefit your business.

What is Health and Wellbeing (HWB) Inspiration and how is PACE involved?

HWB Inspiration is a collaborative effort between PACE and Aspire Ltd., and was founded to help other organisations achieve a healthy workplace by keeping their staff happy, healthy, and in work.

We achieve this through our evidence-based strategic approaches and easy-to-use toolkit, both of which we offer to organisations to provide a bespoke service to suit their needs. To learn more about HWB Inspiration and how we can help you, visit our website.

What have we been working on?

Health and wellbeing:

  • Team pathway to developing a wellbeing culture – HWBInspiration are working with NHS England and the NHS North West Leadership Academy to co-produce an interactive guide to take teams on a journey to grow their team wellbeing culture. For more information, click here (pages 14-15).
  • Published book chapter – The Holy Grail of ‘Healthy Leadership’: What Leadership Behaviours Build Healthy Workplace Cultures? Just out on Amazon, a new ebook ‘WORKPLACE WELLBEING – 21 lessons for the new world of work’. This is a collection of articles on the organisational & personal aspects of stress and wellbeing. Written by ISMAUK We have contributed Chapter 5 to the book. For an insight into the chapter, see our promotional YouTube. Get your copy of the book here
  • Healthy leadership framework self assessment – HWBInspiration were commissioned by NHS North West Leadership Academy to scope the relationship between workplace wellbeing and leadership to identify the behaviours that enable and encourage employee wellbeing in the workplace. You can now access the full report here and self assessment here


  • Leading Integrated Teams Programme – a collaboration between aqua, AffinaOD, PACE and Aspire, this programme supports system leaders to work on integration through a combination of practical tools such as the Affina Team Journey, networking, and application of theory into practice. Find out more here.
  • Executive Team and Board Coaching – co-creating team development journeys to enable teams to move from good to great using a range of evidence based tools and a mix of coaching and facilitation over an 8-12 months.
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