Leadership and management development

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“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” – Sheryl Sandberg

Leading during times of complexity, ambiguity and sustained ‘crisis’ can prove to be treacherous. People put you under enormous pressure to respond to their anxieties with authoritative certainty. The only certainty is that the path ahead will have many twists and turns.

Management and leadership theory give us some useful markers in the sand about how to manage ourselves and the system within which we work.

Increasingly we know that leaders and managers need to:

  • Be adaptive using different styles and approaches are needed in different circumstances
  • Separate the technical problems from the adaptive problems
  • Collaborate to create the conditions for successful change
  • Understand the political environment and the politics of change
  • Have heightened self awareness
  • Play to their signature strengths
  • Look out, look up and look beyond

What we offer:

Leadership team and board development sessions:

PACE works with senior leader teams and boards to create a ‘bespoke’ programme based on your needs.

This may include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business development
  • Team building
  • Creating trust and effective challenge
  • Or specific ‘hot topics’
  • Leadership and management development programmes

PACE are highly experience at designing and delivering structured leadership and management development programmes. Our aim is to understand the qualities, skills and knowledge that your mangers and leaders require to be effective in their role. This is then translated into a bespoke programme that will create the most impact.

One to one coaching:

Our experienced team of coaching professional will work with individuals to define their leadership challenges and identify a programme of work that will help the individual to improve their performance. This may include the use of tools such as 360 degree feedback, emotional intelligence or other psychometric approaches.

Benefits of our approach:

  • Bespoke programme
  • Evidence base approach, content and application
  • Range of delivery methods including master class, action learning sets, project based sets, coaching, mentoring
  • Orientated to fit with organisational purpose, vision and goals
  • Integrated evaluation

Image attribution: Sheryl Sandberg on thehollywoodreporter.com