Where do you find your inspiration?

Releasing Potential – PACE Study

Thanks to the North West Research and Development Team, a case study has been published about some work I was privilege to be involved in during 2013-14. People and Change Experts Ltd (PACE) were commissioned to co-design and deliver a leadership development programme for R&D managers that work in the NHS.

You can find out more about the original programme, or read about the evaluation highlighted to inform the Leading Cultures in Research and Innovation which focuses on teams.

How have I been inspired?

This particular group of research and development leaders do amazing work behind the scenes that change and save peoples lives. It was a humbling experience to hear the challenges they faced on a day to day basis, as well as witness the passion, care, and effort they put in to make a real difference.

Through this work, I completely changed my view about research and development. No longer was it the domain of academics in ivory towers; it was about life saving treatments, improving patient outcomes, enabling health professionals to be more effective and make a difference, and it was about how these leaders made it possible in the complex governance in the NHS.

I feel more confident now to describe the way that all health professionals have an active and important part to play. It’s become obvious to me now that research and innovation has become everybody’s business through:

  • Applying the findings in our day to day work
  • Participating and contributing through the work that we do
  • Doing the research as an active role

How have you applied research and innovation?

Take a moment to think about it. I would suggest that one of the best vehicles for research and innovation is when we are working together in teams, where we can see what is possible through our combined knowledge, skills, and expertise. Many of my other blog posts talk about this a little more, and I would recommend checking them out!

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