How to create the right conditions for Research and Innovation

Another great event using open space technology (OST) brought together a diverse group of like minded people willing to be generous with their time, expertise, insight, and ability to listen and learn from each other. We discussed the following question – how do we create a culture of research and innovation?

Our answers included:

  • Talk about R&I in terms of ‘bright ideas’
  • Think about emulating Google by encouraging teams to spend 20% of their time reflecting, engaging, and collaborating
  • Creating stories that help others to see how they can be involved and how R&I can make a real impact
  • Give examples of using, participating, and doing to make R&I relevant to family, friends and peers
  • Use language that makes research and innovation ‘less scary’

Just a start and more to come – find out a little more about what happened on the day

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